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If you Can't Say Anything Nice
allergic to assholes
single taken hungry
will cook for sex
if youre going to be salty
I have mixed drinks about feelings tank.
recipe for today
bad ass
wild one
two people drinking
three misc on deck
thats a horrible idea
sorry no habla fucktardo
please take a number
oh hell no
not today walk away
nope not happening
no fucks tee
no fucks tank
my dog and I talk shit
mixed drinks
living my okayest life
Lake Mode
its a throat punch kinda dayNo logo
it wasnt me
i workout to burn off the crazy
i tend to wine a lot
having a weird mom builds character
giving a f
fuck it 2
fancy as fuck and good heart
call me margarits tank
day drinkin
dog mom
Apparently I have an attitude
beer never broke my heart and sorry did
bad and boozy
adulting would not recommend

Tailgate Hoodie Sizing

Our J. America Tailgate Hoodie is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

Not only is there a neoprene can cooler in the front pocket but there is a bottle opener attached in the pocket! The PERFECT HOODIE!

This is a unisex hoodie and find that it runs slightly big. Please use measurements below, this hoodie is not returnable. 

For the best sizing we recommend taking your favorite tee and laying it flat, take the measurements of it and compare to the chart below for the best fit possible!

tailgate spec sheet.jpg
Banner Logo.png
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